For Employers applying for training

The Employer needs to complete the CJG Application form. This must be done on the computer, hand written forms will not be accepted. All questions must be answered. Note: The designated signing authority cannot sign off on behalf of the Employer if the training is for themselves.

Each Employer signs their application, and then provides the Participant Information Form to the training participants.

The Employer then submits the application form to ASPECT for review and then submission to the Ministry. If they are using a Private Trainer, all necessary training provider information must be submitted at that time. The Ministry reviews and will decide eligibility of private training providers case by case.

Training Participants fill out the Participant Information Form, sign and date them. They will then be uploaded to a secure CJG site. These forms cannot be filled in by hand and all questions must be answered.

Application will not be assessed by the Ministry until all Participant Information Forms have been submitted.

After all necessary documentation has been received a CJG application number will be assigned, and the Employer will be notified of a decision within 60 business days. Recommend that Employers keep a record of the CJG number to allow for tracking and questions.

If the application is approved, the Ministry will send a Reimbursement Claim package as well as an Agreement to the Employer. The Employer must agree to the terms and conditions of the grant, and then return the signed copy.

Reimbursement claims may be submitted after training starts.

For Individuals That Want to Apply for Training
You will need to have your Employer complete the process on your behalf.

Ready to take the next steps?

If you are an employer looking for more information about the Canada-BC Job Grant or want to apply, please answer the questions below and submit the form. An ASPECT staff member will contact you to answer any questions you may have and help you get started with the application process.

The form takes approximately one minute to complete.

Please note all applications must be submitted prior to the start of training.

Please call 1-888-287-4957 at any time for assistance or email

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