The CJG is not intended to be used solely as a training grant; all training must result in a job or a better job.

Employers must be registered on the Corporate Registry with BC Registry or possess a current BC business licence.

Self-employed individuals or sole proprietors seeking a Grant for their own training must have been registered on the Corporate Registry with BC Registry Services for at least a year at the time of application, or have been in possession of a BC business licence for at least one year.

Employers must have a job available in B.C. for the participant at the end of training.

Employers or Organizations must have met or be currently meeting all obligations to the Province under previous grants to be eligible.

Public sector employers are NOT eligible. This includes: provincial, federal or local governments, crown corporations, hospitals, schools, public post-secondary institutions, and federal and provincial agencies.

Aboriginal Band Councils, Friendship Centres, Associations and other Aboriginal organizations are eligible as employers and organizations.

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