Eligible training must meet the needs of the business and lead to a guaranteed job in BC.

This is limited to:

  • Soft Skills;
  • Essential Skills;
  • Management and Business Skills; and
  • Specialized and Technical Skills, which includes Foundation Programs and Apprenticeship Training for Trades.
  • Foundation programs and apprenticeship training are limited to those listed in the 2025 Labour Market Outlook Top Opportunity Occupations requiring apprenticeship training.
  • For Apprenticeship Training in Levels 2 & 3, in addition to being in the 2025 Labour Market Outlook Top Opportunity Occupations, participant must be from an underrepresented group in the labour force. Level 1 and Apprenticeship Completion levels are exempt from this additional requirement.

Eligible training providers include :

  • BC Public Post-Secondary institutions
  • Training Organizations run by BC’s School Districts
  • Registered Trade/Technical Schools
  • Union Halls and Training Boards
  • Trades or Industry Recognized Personal Safety Training Providers
  • Small Business BC
  • BC Private Post-Secondary training providers for training registered with the PTIB

Private training providers not registered with PTIB are only eligible if they meet the following conditions:

  • Training rates and course descriptions must be posted (i.e. online) and remain stable.
  • Training is provided by a Qualified Instructor, with certifications and/or experience directly related to the type of training.
  • Satisfactory Course Outline must be included with the application.
  • The Province must be satisfied that the costs of the training are not unreasonable.

Only the following are Training Costs Eligible for reimbursement:

  • Tuition fees or fees charged by a Third-Party Training provider;
  • Mandatory Student Fees;
  • Examination fees;
  • Textbooks, software and other required materials; and
  • Travel costs, under certain circumstances (Click for the general criteria. Travel expenses listed under Appendix C.)
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